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We enjoy performing- that’s why our rates are so competitive.

The rates below are for standard string, harp, flute and piano bookings and include:

  • 1 hour return travel, per musician, from Perth CBD;
  • Selection of ANY music in our Repertoire List
  • Music consultations to help you choose the perfect music; and
  • Unlimited number of music requests for pieces outside our repertoire if sheet music is provided to us.

Quartet: 2 violins, viola, cello OR flute, violin, viola, cello. 

  • The original and our most popular string ensemble, accounting for more of our bookings than all other ensembles combined. The quartet is exceptional in providing contemporary music, with four musicians to each imitate the parts in a contemporary band and playing music in complete four part harmony. With a melody, harmony, rhythm and bass which blend to create a rich sound with lush tones, the quartet is extremely versatile and always our recommended choice for any event. The sound of a string quartet is unmatched by any other ensemble and we have chosen to price our quartet competitively so that you can enjoy its sound. The first violin can be swapped for a flute if the sound of flute is preferred.

Trio: 2 violins, cello OR flute, violin, cello 

  • The trio is a well rounded but smaller ensemble. Comprising of three instruments, the ensemble is able to play a melody and bass with either a harmony or rhythm line, depending on the piece. It omits the viola from a string quartet, so the sound is not as full or warm. The trio is a good compromise if you would love the presence of musicians but budget or floor space does not permit a string quartet. 

Duo: Violin, cello OR violin, piano OR cello, piano OR violin, harp OR flute, piano

  • A duo is a small ensemble that still packs a punch! Our most popular duo is the violin and cello duo, which allows for a melody and bass line. Some prefer the violin duet for a melody and harmony sound. With a minimal number of instruments the duo has a very simple sound and is less versatile than larger ensembles but is still able to play music from a wide range of styles. Duos with piano or harp are best suited to more delicate music. 

Solo: Violin OR cello OR flute OR piano OR harp

  • The perfect sound to complement intimate events, solo instruments are best suited to small occasions with only a handful of guests. Violin, cello or flute soloists can still play our full range of repertoire but the sound will not be as full (think of the music as a lead singer without their band to back them). The solo piano or solo harp are better solo choices if you prefer modern music as they do not require another instrument's accompaniment.

Quintet: 2 violins, viola, cello, double bass 

  • A quintet is the ultimate ensemble choice, consisting of a string quartet plus a double bass. The double bass adds another layer of sound to the already rich sounds of a quartet. This makes it the best choice for large or very formal formal functions. This ensemble is also the perfect way to make a statement as the sight of a string quintet is visually impressive. 


The listed rates apply to performance at weddings, corporate functions and private events. 

Prices effective as of 1 July 2016 and subject to change without notice. Click table to enlarge.

Non-standard bookings

We also offer ensembles with guitar and voice. A Latin trio (violin, piano and percussion) and barbershop quartet are available on request. Rates may vary for these options, so please contact us.

Please view our booking process and contact us for an obligation-free, tailored quote. 

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