Wedding Ceremony

Let us set the scene on your big day with beautiful wedding music.

We usually perform for five sections of a wedding ceremony:

  • Prelude (15-30 mins) –background music as guests arrive
  • Processional (1 piece + 1 extra if bridesmaids and bride are to enter to different pieces)
  • Signing of the register - (1 piece + 1 extra, depending on duration) -during signing and photos
  • Recessional (1 piece) – newlyweds walk up the aisle
  • Post-ceremony (15-60 mins) – background music as guests exit and photos are taken

Additional sections may include the candle lighting ceremony, Offertory, Holy Communion and reflection. 

You can select music from our repertoire for as many or as few of the sections as you like. You may like to be inspired by our suggestions. In our experience, most couples choose music for the processional, signing of the register and recessional and indicate a genre from which we select background music.

We recommend a minimum booking duration of 1 hour for a wedding to ensure musicians are available for the entirety of your ceremony. Full mass ceremonies require at least 1.5 hours. If your ceremony concludes early, we will continue to provide music as guests mingle afterwards and photos are taken until the end of booking time.

We recommend our string quartet for most weddings as it is a versatile and budget-friendly option, providing beautiful harmonies and intricate parts. Our quintet is a great choice if you have a large number of guests or large venue, to ensure that the music can be heard by everyone. Our trios, duos and soloists are suitable for more intimate ceremonies and venues. The choice of ensemble instrumentation is up to you. All ensembles are an elegant alternative to recorded music.

We are available to travel if your wedding is outside the Perth Metro area. 

Your wedding is as unique as you are. Talk to us to see how our musicians can help create a beautiful setting on your wedding day. 

Wedding Reception

Create the perfect atmosphere with music from one of our ensembles.

If your reception immediately follows the ceremony, our musicians can change locations to provide entertainment in between. Otherwise, we will happily travel to your reception venue.

We play during these sections:

  • Interlude- background music between ceremony and reception (if at same venue)
  • Prelude - (30 mins)– background music while guests enjoy drinks and canapes
  • Beginning of dinner (1 hr)- background music, which includes:
    • Entrance (5 mins) - bridal party and newlyweds enter
    • Couple’s first  dance (5 mins)

In our experience, most couples choose music for the entrance and the couple’s first dance and indicate a genre from which we will select background music. You can view our full repertoire list.

You can choose to have us play through to the conclusion of your reception or have us perform until your band or DJ is ready.

Wedding reception formats vary much more than wedding ceremonies, so we recommend you talk to us to ensure your reception runs smoothly. 

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