Riverside Ensembles provides stylish live music for any occasion, anywhere in Western Australia


Image courtesy of  Jason Tey Photography.

Image courtesy of Jason Tey Photography.


From trendy pop-up weddings to grand traditional affairs, we can bring your vision to life and keep guests entertained. 

A typical wedding ceremony booking includes:

  • 15 - 30 mins: as guests are arriving, to set the tone for the ceremony.

  • 10 - 30 mins: a buffer for delays, as weddings almost always run behind schedule.

  • 20 - 70 mins: most civil ceremonies are about 20 mins; some religious ceremonies can be over an hour. Music is played for the entrance, signing of the register, exit and any additional elements as needed.

  • 15 mins or time remaining: post-ceremony entertainment as congratulations are received and portraits are taken.

  • If the reception follows at the same venue, we can relocate and continue providing music until the reception begins.

We can play for as much of the wedding reception as you wish, including:

  • Pre-dinner drinks.

  • Key elements, such as the entrance of the newlyweds and first dance.

  • Just the beginning of dinner service or throughout the entire evening.




As professional musicians we aim to impress your clients, entertain staff and create engagement with a memorable performance.

We can be booked to provide ambient background music or as a feature performance. Corporate events we've performed for have included:

  • Gala balls

  • Awards nights and graduation ceremonies

  • Christmas and EOFY functions

  • Conference dinners and cocktail networking events

  • Media launches and product viewings

  • Place activations

wedding-ceremony-reception-corporate-music-entertainment-perth-south-west-string-quartet-trio-orchestra (7).jpg

wedding-ceremony-reception-corporate-music-entertainment-perth-south-west-string-quartet-trio-orchestra (4).jpg


Give the music player a break and bring a sense of occasion with vibrant live music.

Functions we've performed for have included:

  1. Engagement parties

  2. Vow renewal ceremonies

  3. Birthday parties and anniversary dinners

  4. Charity events

  5. Private lounge-room concerts

  6. Christmas parties

  7. High teas, including bridal and baby showers




Make the moment even more special with a group of musicians, playing your favourite songs, exclusively for the two of you.

We understand that you've spent countless hours planning the perfect way to pop the question so we've made the process as easy as possible. It's best to start with a phone call so that we can discuss your ideas. Every proposal is different and we want to get the details correct, right from the start.

From there, we'll provide sample playlists, liaise with your venue if needed and figure out a cover story so that your special someone won't know why we're really there until they see you. After they say 'yes,' we'll continue playing for you to enjoy together. 

If needed, we're happy to recommend proposal and event planners we've worked with before.

Image courtesy of  Joseph Ng Photography.

Image courtesy of Joseph Ng Photography.