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+ How many musicians do I need to ensure that the music is loud enough?

The number of guests the ensemble can cater for depends on a combination of factors.Please call if you're unsure whether your preferred ensemble will be loud enough.

The event type (cocktail vs wedding ceremony), location (indoors vs outdoors), building type (church vs restaurant), room flooring (carpet vs tiles) and more all affect how well the sound of our instruments can travel.

+ Can you perform outdoors?


For outdoor performances we require shade to protect our instruments. Our instruments can warp or, in extreme cases, crack due to heat. Most outdoor locations have a large tree or gazebo available onsite. A few locations do not have shade available. In this case, you will need to hire a market umbrella. We do not offer umbrellas for hire but are more than happy to assist you with finding a suitable vendor.

We strictly do not perform in rain as even the tiniest bit of water can damage our instruments. Please have a wet weather plan in place.

+ How far in advance do I need to book?

Most clients book between 3-9 months in advance, although we have previously taken several bookings over 18 months in advance.

If you are considering having us we recommend getting in touch for a quick date check sooner rather than later.

+ Help! I had musicians booked but they cancelled. Can you step in on short ntoice?


We have previously taken several bookings on several hours' notice. The fastest way to get in touch is to call Hannah on 0432 566 796.

+ Can I book a string quartet or other ensemble with double bass instead of cello?


We only offer instrument combinations which we can confidently say will work in harmony with each other, so unfortunately we don't offer 2 violins, viola and double bass.

The double bass has an extremely low pitch and we don't believe this is a suitable substitute for a cello. We always recommend the cello as the bass instrument as this has a softer tone and is far more suitable for event live music. We only include double bass if the ensemble already has a cello.

+ Do you take breaks?

Only for bookings where we are required to play continuously for long periods of time. We take breaks so that we can strech, prevent hand cramps and other injuries.

For 1 hr 30 mins bookings we will take a 5 mins break halfway through. For longer bookings we take a 10 mins break every 50 mins of continuous playing.

Breaks can be organised to coincide with speeches and other formalities so that music is provided throughout the event.

+ Do you perform with amplification?

Not usually.

We normally perform as an acoustic ensemble as our instruments are naturally very resonant. However, we may require amplification when performing in large event spaces (such as the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre) or if your function has a particularly large number of guests.

+ How much music do I need to choose?

As much or as little as you like.

You can either pick specific songs or give us instructions to choose for you (eg. 2010's music only, no jazz etc).

In our experience, most clients will select any feature music and indicate a genre from which we select background music. For background music we are able to play about 10 pieces per half hour of continuous music.

+ Can you help me to select music?


Give us a ring as it is best to discuss this over the phone. We’re happy to help you choose the perfect program for your event.

+ What will the musicians wear?

Smart, all-black attire to match the level of formality of your event (i.e if your event is a black-tie function we will be dressed in black tie attire).

Look through our portfolio to see images of what our musicians wear to work. If you need us to wear something different let us know so that we can work something out.

+ What if a musician is sick on the day?

You won't know about it because we will call on another musician from our team to take their place.

+ What time will musicians arrive?

We will arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of the booking time to set up and tune so that we can begin performing on time.

+ What if my event runs ahead of time?

Musicians will always perform until the end of booking time. We will only leave earlier if permission to do so is given by the client.

+ My event features dim mood lighting. Are you able to play in this setting?

Yes. We bring our own music stand lights with us.


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+ Do we need to meet in person?


Most bookings are actually arranged via email only all bookings can be arranged purely via email and phone calls. Having said that, we are happy to meet face-to-face with you in person if you wish.

+ Are there any extra charges for wedding bookings?

No. Wedding bookings are priced exactly the same as any other event.

+ Will you perform at weddings for same-sex couples?


All love is welcome here.

+ We are getting married in a church and need to adhere to the church's music guidelines. Can you help?


We have performed in many religious venues before, including Catholic, Anglican, Baptist and Uniting churches. These venues are usually concerned about profanity or inappropriate themes in the music but will allow us to play any style of music as we are completely instrumental. We are always happy to help you choose music that will fit the church's restrictions but is still in keeping with your personal tastes. You shouldn't have to have an all classical playlist unless you want to!

+ Do you attend wedding rehearsals?

Not usually.

Our musicians have plenty of wedding experience and will speak with your celebrant on the day to organise cues for the music.

We only recommend having musicians at the wedding rehearsal if cost is no object. Please indicate this at time of booking so that we can ensure the same musicians are available at the rehearsal and on the day.

+ I would like my friend/family member to sing at my wedding. Can you accompany them?


We are more than happy to accompany a friend or family member and have done so many times before. Please note that we will require a rehearsal with them so that everything runs smoothly.

+ What if our wedding ceremony doesn't follow the usual format?

Please get in touch to discuss your ideas. We are always happy to work with your plans to bring your vision to life.

+ How do you know when to start playing for my walk down the aisle?

During our set-up time we will speak with the celebrant and ask them to look in our direction and nod and/or smile when the ceremony is ready to begin.

We also pay close attention to our surroundings while we are playing background musc. Here are a few more things that we look out for:

  1. The photographer(s) will usually leave the ceremony area to capture the bridal/wedding party arriving.
  2. Some celebrants will wait where the bridal/wedding party's car is to arrive throughout the entire time that we are playing background music. When they return to the ceremony site, this signals that the wedding is about to start.
  3. Guests will begin to take a seat and wait quietly.
  4. The celebrant will make an announcement that the ceremony is to start. They may also make an earlier announcement about mobile phones.

+ What if the music ends as I’m part-way down the aisle?

This will not happen as the musicians will organise repeats beforehand to ensure music flows continuously.

Every piece of music has 'checkpoints' (i.e phrases, such as the end of a chorus) every 10 or so seconds. We can link 'checkpoints' near the end of the music back to 'checkpoints' near the beginning so that the song can be seamlessly repeated.

+ What happens once I have reached the end of the aisle?

We will be paying attention to the processional as we are playing. Once we see that the processional has concluded we will stop the music at the next available 'checkpoint.' (i.e phrases, such as the end of a chorus). Most pieces have 'checkpoints' every 10 or so seconds so we can wrap up the music without it sounding abrupt.