String Quartet-Corporate Function AGM

It's always a privilege to perform in one of Perth's best venues. 

We provided live music for an Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre. We normally perform acoustic music but seeing as we had a 2000+ capacity theater to fill, amplification was a must! After a quick 9am soundcheck on stage we were ready to play.

We performed upbeat classical music in two sets: our first was in the theater where we entertained guests arriving to the AGM, The musicians selected half an hour of music from our Popular Choices list which included Bach, Vivaldi and Mozart. The lightness of the music was the perfect morning entertainment.

We waited backstage as the AGM proceeded, then made our way to the foyer for the second set. We were initially asked to play for half an hour as guests were networking but called upon our extra pieces of music when management asked for an additional half hour of music. 

If you're organising a corporate function, you might like to read our information for businesses.

"Pose for a photo!"-Waiting in the foyer before our second set.

"Pose for a photo!"-Waiting in the foyer before our second set.